At BFW/Marcum, we learned long ago the easiest solution is rarely the best solution. In providing an expansive (and growing) list of environmental services and capabilities, we’ve introduced an innovative approach to problem-solving that works with and around the environment to achieve long-term success.

Our environmental services cover a wide range, but all our capabilities serve a singular purpose: to mitigate the impact the environment has on your deadline and your budget. A poorly planned project that doesn’t account for its surroundings, as well as the larger ecosystem around it, is doomed to either fail or not meet the standards outlined in the planning stages. At BFW/Marcum, we know how to navigate our industry to provide holistic solutions to our clients’ engineering projects.

We Offer Cutting-Edge Environmental Services for Your Engineering Projects

Our Project Geologist, Dr. Ben Hooks, is one of the driving forces behind our environmental capabilities. He’s helping us to create innovative environmental services and is excited about what’s yet to come to our firm.

“We have experience in and offer a wide range of capabilities within the environmental sector. Currently, they cover everything from Phase I Environmental Site Assessments to Wetlands Delineations to Stormwater Discharge Monitoring. Our goal is to continue to build out our capabilities. We’re already leaders in this sector in our region, but we want to corner that market.

If you want organic, smart solutions, then you’ll know who to call. We are still in the initial stages of expanding this department. We’re increasing our expertise in environmental services every day!”

At BFW/Marcum, we currently offer the following environmental services:

Our Approach is Unique—Our Results Are Incredible

Our environmental services navigate the natural barriers posed by the environment to bring more impactful results to our clients. We’ve learned that swimming against the current gets you nowhere; it’s much easier to find a harmonious approach to engineering. Working with the environment seems obvious, but it comes with challenges that require unique solutions. At BFW/Marcum, we’ve found that a holistic approach is the one that gets you the best results. Jeff Herod, our Fish & Wildlife Biologist, explains our problem-solving methodology.

“I’ve observed most firms tend to be focused on one facet of the environmental sector. Many firms are focusing on water and air quality. Some firms will specialize only in wildlife. Others will only focus on fisheries.

At BFW/Marcum, I think we exemplify a blend of all these services. We’re growing a diverse team from varied environmental backgrounds, and we’ve all come together to provide a complete environmental package. I’ve never seen it before in my career.”

Dr. Ben Hooks, our Project Geologist, believes a lean environmental services team with an incredible skillset is the correct approach to a sustainable environmental sector business model.

“We are indeed a small group; that is our advantage. The people that our clients speak with are the people who will be doing every aspect of their work. We offer personal service and treat our clients like we would treat our family. Unrivaled knowledge means nothing if there’s no way for a client to access it.

At the end of the day, our firm is committed to building a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise. We want our clients to work with us, not through us. We offer a wide range of in-house services, environmental and beyond, that many of our competitors need to subcontract. Excellence can’t be delegated or commissioned—it demands personal care.”

Our Team is Flexible and Skilled

We’ve brought in some incredible people to bolster our environmental services. They’re experts in their particular field and bring with them specialized knowledge.

Susannah Campbell, Environmental Manager

“BFW/Marcum hired me in March, and I am excited to use my experience with environmental work and engineering to grow this sector of the firm. I have niche experience that is being used as a driving force in our expansion—we’re doing things no one else is, and it’s thrilling.”

Dr. Ben Hooks, Project Geologist

“As Project Geologist, I am one of three team members leading this emerging department. My decades of experience in geology, and its relationship with engineering and site management, bring a deep understanding of hazardous material site characterization as well as environmental due diligence.”

Jeff Herod, Fish & Wildlife Biologist

“I am the first and only fish and wildlife biologist with BFW/Marcum, but we have big plans for growth. For now, I’m developing the model for cultivating a healthy relationship with our engineering practices and the ecosystems they occur within. I have twenty years of experience as a Federal Government biologist, so I bring a deep understanding of how construction impacts its surroundings.”

Environmental Expertise is the Key to the Future of Engineering

We understand that every step toward expanding our environmental capabilities is a step toward the sustained future of our firm. Susannah’s eyes are always on the horizon, and she’s excited to be part of the future.

“BFW/Marcum is always seeking new ways to invest in additional training and support that puts our firm ahead of our competition. The recent addition of drone technology has grown our environmental department’s data collection capabilities. Some areas are impossible to access from the ground, so we took to the air.

Moreover, BFW/Marcum is always willing to invest in the training and accreditation of its engineers. Our firm also seeks to hire motivated, hungry, and driven employees to propel our company to new levels of excellence. The comradery and work ethic happening within this company make it a great place to work and make it easy to get a quality product out the door.”

With over three decades of combined experience in environmental services, we’re serious about our growth in this sector. BFW/Marcum is also invested in licensing and equipping our team with what they need so that they can flourish.

Jeff is the newest asset to our environmental team, and we’ve worked hard to ensure he feels like he’s a valued part of our environmental sector as well as a satisfied employee.

“BFW/Marcum purchased the equipment I asked for and paid for my training, no questions asked. What is still most important to me is they saw my potential and brought me onto their team so I could use my hard-earned skills to grow an exciting facet of the firm.

Our company has provided me with amazing opportunities to keep learning and growing. Literally right now, as I write this, I am in Atlanta waiting for the start of a class about wetlands delineation!”