Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering & Testing, Inc. offers some of the most complete and comprehensive Geotechnical Engineering services. Our expertise includes transportation infrastructure, foundation investigations for industrial and commercial buildings, towers, landfill permits, design of earth dams in addition to experience in auger cast and H pile designs. We have conducted geotechnical investigations throughout the Midwest and Southeast, and have been exposed to a wide range of geologic settings with a variety of subsurface conditions and problems to be solved. In addition, our geotechnical engineering team consists of licensed professional engineers, and a full-time technical staff solely devoted to drilling services and geotechnical reporting.

Geotechnical Engineering Services:

  • Shallow & Deep Foundation Analysis
  • Earth Retention Services (Retaining Walls, Excavation Bracing, Segmented Retaining Walls, Soil Nailing, etc.)
  • Investigations & Earthwork Recommendations
  • Highway & Bridge Studies
  • Industrial Plant Facilities
  • Waterfront Structures (Docks, Cofferdams, Dolphins, etc.)
  • Slope Stability Analysis & Remediation Design

Drilling Services:

  • Drill Rigs – Diedrich D50 mounted on Morooka MST800
  • Hollow Stem Auger
  • Rock Coring
  • Mud Rotary
  • Split Spoon Sampling
  • Undisturbed Sampling