Water/Waste Water Resources

The Bacon Farmer Workman/Marcum team has extensive experience in water, wastewater, and sanitary sewer projects including planning, design, and construction administration services for numerous municipalities throughout the Midwest and Southeast region. We have assisted developers, architects, local and state governments, and private industry clients with the development of cost-effective designs for many new and renovation projects. In addition, we have successfully worked with state and federal funding programs, which include the US Economic Development Authority, State of Kentucky Appropriation Grant, USDA-Rural Development Grant, and the Coal-Severance fund. Our team members have extensive permitting experience with the Kentucky Division of Water, The US Army Corps of Engineers, and the Department of Highways.

Water/Waste Water Resources Service Details:

  • Water Distribution
  • System Planning
  • Source of Supply
  • River Basin Planning
  • Wellhead Protection Plans
  • Raw Water Intakes
  • Treatment/Pretreatment Facilities
  • Financial/Rate Analysis
  • Construction Administration
  • Operator Training and Start-Up Assistance
  • Drainage Studies
  • Transmission Mains
  • Pumping Stations
  • Storage Tanks
  • Computer Modeling
  • Force Main
  • Gravity Sewer
  • Collection and Pumping
  • Start-Up and O&M Assistance
  • Sewer Rehabilitation
  • Combined Sewer Overflow
  • Funding
  • Inflow/Infiltration Analysis

Stormwater Services and Capabilities:

  • Stormwater master plans including design manuals ordinances
  • Hydraulic and Hydrologic studies
  • Flood protection including flood walls, levees, flood pumping stations, and flood-proofing buildings
  • Dams design and inspection
  • Flood insurance studies
  • Stormwater control facilities design including channel pipes, detention basins, etc.
  • Operations review of existing stormwater pump station


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