Schroeder EXPO Center

Paducah Convention Center

Paducah, Kentucky – McCracken County

Specific Issues customer had with existing lighting system:

  • Required significant energy savings.
  • Required much more functionality, reliability and support out of a dimming control system.
  • Reduced maintenance demand.

Existing light levels for fully functional fixtures were found to be acceptable by the customer. Light levels measured on the floor of fully on fixture groups equaled around 50 fc.

Energy savings:

We were able to replace 234 existing 8 lamp compact fluorescent aluminum domed high bays @ 345 watts each with 117 LED linear high bays with a fixture wattage of 185 watts/fixture.

This equates to an energy savings of 59,000 watts at fully on. Roughly a 73% reduction in energy consumed in this 39,204 square foot facility.

Dimming Control of Lighting:

Existing system was an antiquated digital system which supplied CAT 5 cables to control relays which switched multiple fixture ballasts either on/off as a means of dimming control. The new system installed is wireless based and cellularly connected to the manufacturers support network. Each wireless fixture is autonomous and can be programmed individually or grouped with others and programmed as a zone.

Summary of Costumer Objective Met:

  • Energy savings near 73%.
  • Significant improvements in functionality, reliability, and support of dimming control without the additional project costs associated with “wired” systems.
  • If replacement is ever required, it is now supported with replacement of systems by what most call an extended warranty.
  • Even though fixture count was reduced in half and wattage consumed was reduced by 73%, the measured light levels at the floor still read 50 fc.
  • The improvements in the quality of light for the various venues can now be seen
  • In the improved light levels on the wall which make the space look less like a cave.
  • increasing the color temperature of the lamps to 4000K which is more of a retail go to CCT.