Jonathan Elementary WWTP Replacement

Benton, Kentucky – Marshall County

This project consists of the installation of a new wastewater treatment plant and the demolition and abandonment of the existing wastewater treatment plant at Jonathan Elementary School in Benton, KY. The new plant was located within close proximity of the existing plant, therefore utilizing the same discharge point.

The new wastewater treatment plant was designed to only serve the elementary school with approximately 300 students and staff. The existing treatment plant was demolished and replaced due to discharge violations and deterioration. The existing treatment plant was only designed to treat 6,000 gallons per day.

The new system consists of a pre-cast concrete sewage treatment plant designed on an activated sludge process of extended aeration. The completed system is capable of treating 7,500 gallons per day of domestic sewage with tank volumes based on a 7,500 gallon per day plant. The complete system includes all necessary equipment for efficient plant operation.

The complete system is constructed out of materials that are not affected by the corrosive action of the sewage. All tanks are precast concrete, piping is stainless steel and hot dipped galvanized and schedule 80 PVC, blower housings are fiberglass, control panel are stainless, and submerged weirs, baffles, and miscellaneous metal items are constructed out of aluminum or stainless steel. All grating shall be industrial hot dipped galvanized or aluminum bar grating.