Crounse Corporation

Paducah, Kentucky – McCracken County


Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering & Testing, Inc. provided the full civil/site design for this 17,200 square foot corporate headquarters which obtained LEED Gold certification. The civil/site design for this project incorporated the use of LEED certified practices and components in site construction and LEED submittal of obtainable templates and attachments as portion of design/construction team total package. Site practices and components utilized on this project included but were not limited to: stormwater reuse as irrigation water, water reduction irrigation system, open grid paving systems, site “heat sink” reduction and site signage for preferred vehicular traffic and alternate transportation parking. The topographic survey was utilized to prepare a demolition site plan detailing existing items and structures to be both demolished and those to remain. The demolition plan provided for the reuse and recycling of materials on site as to approach LEED certification of the proposed building.