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Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering and Testing, Inc. offers assessment and management services for roadways, airfields and parking areas on all pavement types, including concrete, asphalt and other permeable materials. Using PAVERTM software, inventories of facility networks, street infrastructure, and airfields are developed with ArcGIS and AutoCAD. The Pavement Condition Index (PCI) ratings are completed and managed from year to year, serving as the bases for recommended repair and rehabilitation alternatives. We provide construction administration and management for repairs, and coordinate capital projects based on the client’s budgetary goals.

Service Details:

Inspections are performed by our in-house team through a selection of samples based on ASTM D-6433-20 procedures. Analysis of each sample includes the review of twenty different distress types that may present in each location. This approach allows detail-oriented observations to build a more comprehensive understanding of repair needs across expansive pavement networks.

Solution Driven
At  BFW, solutions are equally as important as the findings. Upon completion of PCI ratings, the gears shift to developing optimized solutions. We develop cost estimates and budget-driven recommendations through close coordination with our stakeholders. The solution portion of our pavement management program is where the longevity of cost savings is built.

Infrastructure Management
Once the initial phase of assessments and solutions concludes, we enter the maintenance phase of the pavement program. As repair recommendations are completed,  pavement conditions will improve, and BFW will maintain yearly inspections  by updating the original data, to maintain integrity of the PCI database. For pavement ranging fair to satisfactory conditions, localized repair alternatives will be recommended at a fraction of the cost compared to solutions for poor to failed pavement. Research indicates that proactive pavement management has a 1:5 reduction of costs over time and through our pavement management services, we are here to help expand the life of your pavement infrastructure.


Example of Paver output for PCI Ratings

Paver Life Cycle Savings Analysis for Clients using Infrastructure Mangement

Example of Paver out put of PCI Rating


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