3D Laser Scanning

Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering & Testing, Inc offers 3D high-density laser scanning services using a Faro Focus 3D laser scanner. The Faro Focus 3D laser scanner is the latest technology available. It is smaller, lighter, 5 to 10 times faster, more precise, and has a longer range than older generation HD scanning technology.

Documentation of Indoor Environments:

With the Faro Focus3D, it is possible to quickly produce 3D documentation of interiors and technical installations such as building services, conveyor systems or process installations.

Product and Component Documentation:

Whether for inspection of large machine components, in product design, modifications, or reverse engineering – the Faro Focus3D measures products and components of every possible shape and size and produces precise data and three-dimensional surface models from them.

Documentation of Outdoor Environments:

This technology is well suited to 3D documentation of buildings, building sites, petrochemical and other plant facilities, roads and landscape features, to name a few. Archaeological dig sites can be documented periodically during the dig to generate post-dig 3D renderings of all objects excavated from the site and each object’s excavated location in 3D documented for posterity and for study.


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